Basil hits 10,000 Flickr Views

In the doghouse...again

In the doghouse...again
A long time ago, well before the digital revolution, I used to shoot 35mm colour transparencies (slides) – usually Kodachrome 64 because  it gave me beautiful colour saturation. 

The reality is most of those photos still sit in their sleeves in my photo library folders in the office – only seen by maybe ten – twenty people in over twenty years of photography.  The really good ones, maybe a dozen of them blown up and framed.  I’ve never gotten around to scanning them all – maybe one day. 

As an enthusiastic amateur photographer I took photos but I never really got into it in a big way – never really properly understood all the technical stuff like depth of field, f-stops, lighting and composition stuff.  If I liked the shot I’d shoot it and hope for the best.

When all my camera gear was stolen during the Sydney Olympics in 2000 I found it hard to spend money on stuff that was more self indulgent then practical.

For the next five years I carried around a little $150 snappy.

Anyway, during that time digital photography dramatically improved and a couple of years ago I bought my first digital SLR camera – an Olympus E-330, and then not much after that a Flickr membership.   The digital photographic journey had begun.

Today, nearly two years to the day – one of the first photos I took – of my dog Basil the Bull Mastiff sitting sadly in his kennel passed 10,000 views on Internet photo sharing service Fickr.

I remember the shoot – it was the day before my birthday and Kim and I were flying to Bali for a well earned holiday – I was still trying to work out which buttons to push.

In reflection it’s amazing how fast technology has moved in those two years; how much my life has changed and how, through moving into the digital photographic world I found a new passion for my photography.

Still as always, so much to learn but more importantly, how your photos and images can make someone smile or think – all good.


Ex publican, photographer, musician, entrepreneur and Head of Digital for the Cronulla Sharks.