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Entertainment beer garden Iluka

Pubs and social online marketing?

Entertainment beer garden Iluka
3.30AM in the morning, a drink of water needed. You kick your big toe on the obstacles your loving partner strategically placed in the hallway – hate that!

Your head a bit foggy, a big day yesterday, a couple of beers or more with some clients/ friends at the local pub. Business is so much more pleasurable when you enjoy the company of your clients. It’s less of the typical master – servant relationship and more a partnership – hey, BUT you still need to perform.

It’s a great old pub, run down but full of character (and characters). Once it was an early opener catering primarily to the local fishing fleet, now its customer base move towards tourists and the broader local community. You don’t find pubs like this in Sydney anymore.

To survive it will have keep up with the times, the economic conditions have changed and customer buying behaviour along with it.

The fact is the pub can no longer rely on what has worked in the past – it’s a matter of constantly innovate or online casino canada fade out. If they are not competing for your and my attention and dollars then someone else is or will soon be. We have so much choice. With a couple of clicks, a search, compare websites and offerings, reviews comments and decide.

It won’t be long before the pub is knocked down and rebuilt – you can see a big open veranda overlooking the river and eventually a marina down the front.

Today, unless all your customers are local or well informed then no business can continue to ignore the importance of the Internet for their long term survival. The web is now were most new customers hear about and begin their search for your and my products or services.

In many ways this old town is a bit like the internet and advertising – the old established marketplace models have changed. From an advertising perspective over the last five years the effectiveness of the traditional ‘interrupt and repeat’ model of advertising has decreased. Customers today and in the future will have so much more choice and as every product marketer knows brand loyalty is decreasing.

A few stats to chew on with your beer nuts and Coopers.
• 87% Australians online by 2010
• 13% of our time awake is spent online and
• 1 in 6 minutes of that time is spent on social network sites like Facebook and Youtube.

The result,
Businesses have to compete not only in the physical realm of delivery but much earlier online – targeting innovators and early adopters who spread the word of what’s cool or not. As technology becomes more mobile and more pervasive in our lives then other customer referrals importance will only increase.

Does your website “cut through” and engage with your customers? What are they saying about you?  Do you know?  Do you care?


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Basil hits 10,000 Flickr Views

In the doghouse...again

In the doghouse...again
A long time ago, well before the digital revolution, I used to shoot 35mm colour transparencies (slides) – usually Kodachrome 64 because  it gave me beautiful colour saturation. 

The reality is most of those photos still sit in their sleeves in my photo library folders in the office – only seen by maybe ten – twenty people in over twenty years of photography.  The really good ones, maybe a dozen of them blown up and framed.  I’ve never gotten around to scanning them all – maybe one day. 

As an enthusiastic amateur photographer I took photos but I never really got into it in a big way – never really properly understood all the technical stuff like depth of field, f-stops, lighting and composition stuff.  If I liked the shot I’d shoot it and hope for the best.

When all my camera gear was stolen during the Sydney Olympics in 2000 I found it hard to spend money on stuff that was more self indulgent then practical.

For the next five years I carried around a little $150 snappy.

Anyway, during that time digital photography dramatically improved and a couple of years ago I bought my first digital SLR camera – an Olympus E-330, and then not much after that a Flickr membership.   The digital photographic journey had begun.

Today, nearly two years to the day – one of the first photos I took – of my dog Basil the Bull Mastiff sitting sadly in his kennel passed 10,000 views on Internet photo sharing service Fickr.

I remember the shoot – it was the day before my birthday and Kim and I were flying to Bali for a well earned holiday – I was still trying to work out which buttons to push.

In reflection it’s amazing how fast technology has moved in those two years; how much my life has changed and how, through moving into the digital photographic world I found a new passion for my photography.

Still as always, so much to learn but more importantly, how your photos and images can make someone smile or think – all good.