Yesterdays pleasure tomorrows social fixit

 Oatley RSL

At first it was drink driving way back in the eighties (ok for our parents), then over the last few years smoking and now gambling is looking like the next social political target, all soon to be followed at some point by drinking coffee and sleeping in Sunday mornings! 

It seems social vices are slowing being marginalised – the government tax man having carved out his bit, the money spent, the social cost of repair now back on us as tax payers.   Anyway, as long as they can’t tax a beautiful sunrise and swimming in the ocean I think we’re all right.

The social landscape is constantly changing – our pleasure options today so wide and varied – yet, it is the simple things which seem to give us the greatest pleasure – time with family and friends, a good bottle of red, a fine meal.

Last week my brother gave me a call – he said was talking with a manager of one of the local RSL clubs and the topic of conversation included the impact of new non smoking regulations and the emerging awareness of the social cost of problem gambling is having on club patronage, revenues and employment – club revenues are expected to drop somewhere between 10-25% this year.

Though the poker machine cash cow gravy train still powers along pubs and clubs are having to now think a bit more carefully about their business operations and the challenge now is to develop new programs to bring people into their venues – to now face greater competition against all the other leisure time activities and business event locations available – the cafes, the pubs, the home theatre systems.

That’s where we (Maxys) came in – Wayne, the General Manager, the Big Kahuna  of Oatley RSL called and said he wanted to have a chat about how our Interent Marketing Services could help him connect with the thousands of locals on Facebook.

The marketing objective was to position the Club as "top of mind" alternative to the local kids packed pub down the road and target locals and visitors 25+.

Key venue features included the brassarie and large function room downstairs. 

The solution involved our CLIVE presenter Susie. 

Best to check it out yourself and let us know what you think?






Ex publican, photographer, musician, entrepreneur and Head of Digital for the Cronulla Sharks.