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Publicity and Media for your Small Business

One of the tools in your business marketing armoury is the “Press Release”. That one page of your fantastic news blasted out to all those lovely media outlets and bloggers around the world, with the aim to get your story into the mass media, in front of your potential customers, into the blogosphere and on the tips of everyone’s lips – all for FREE.


Yeah right! Now let’s get back to reality.


In terms of Return On Marketing Investment then Press Releases are a very effective strategy BUT with one proviso – the content HAS to be newsworthy.


In a past life, we once put a laptop in a surfboard connected to the web as a publicity stunt to highlight a mobile technology “work anywhere” concept – it caught the media’s attention. That release generated a major Sunday night new television headline story and about twenty radio and newspaper stories in less than three days.


The upfront PR investment was $3,000 for writing and publicity management, the value of the coverage received an estimated $100,000+

It doesn’t always work out that way.


Making News

With the recent launch of Maxys cool transparent video service CLIVE we once again put the writing of our media release in the hands of professional journalist – Fran Molloy from Ultraverse – tech savvy mum of four.


Note: From a business point of view at the moment we’re mainly concerned with organic online growth (without the big bang of a product launch) to give us time to develop all our marketing collateral based on initial market feedback.


If you are time poor then using a professional writer for your press release gets a far greater return on marketing investment and time BUT, another proviso, you need to be selective in your writer – select a writer that knows your marketplace and by their nature they tend to be distant enough from your business therefore more objective in terms of how your potential readers will respond.


In terms of return on expenditure we’ve found a huge 10:1 difference when articles were professionally written by a writer who fully understands our market and the needs of their peers – publishers and other journalists.


The key is a good clear brief.


If you follow the article links below to draft your brief for your writer you can then spend more time making sure the marketing message is what you want to say and more time on getting the message out there.


Once your article is written it then comes down to distribution.


Press Release Distribution

There are basically three levels

1. High end more traditional media distribution systems like Reuters
2. New web based services (both FREE and paid) like PRWEB
3. Create a direct, personal relationship with journalists/ bloggers.



Test Press Release Services for Maxys CLIVE with the aim to include Press Release Distribution in our marketing service offerings to our clients.

  • When we have more budget then we’ll look at the higher end solutions. This is where a large number of journalists get their articles.
  • We’ve used PRWEB very successfully over the years so I decided to hold off PRWEB until we’ve launched the CLIVE promotional video (currently being produced)
  • I’m also holding off dealing direct with local journalists just yet until we’ve got a few more local case studies and testimonials to discuss.


So what’s left?


A search on Google for “FREE PRESS RELEASE” finds the following good article on Publicity & Media For Your Small Business and includes

  • Benefits of marketing with Press Releases
  • Writing your press releases
  • and websites to submit your Press Release

Press Release Submission

We submitted our carefully crafted Press Release to each service. This took a few hours.

The following table represents the results so far from our mass Press Release Distribution exercise after 14 days

Original Release:



Initial Spend

Google Ranking
“Maxys CLIVE”

Clicks Thru

Cost per click

$ 25.00



$ 01.25

$ 89.00



$ 44.50

$ –


$ –


$ –


$ –


$ –


$ –

$ –





Google Articles Search Results







  • Want Clicks – pay.
  • An interesting point: Some of these services automatically syndicate their content to other websites = more articles in Google/ search engines. We will run a further analysis later to see which sites this content comes from and the number of links and new customers these derivative sites bring in.

Next steps

We have some new announcements coming up in the next few weeks. I’ll then run this process again spreading the budget over a wider sample and look to include PRWEB and others in the analysis.


Ex publican, photographer, musician, entrepreneur and Head of Digital for the Cronulla Sharks.