Ready to Shoot Aussies

Scott Maxworthy, CEO, on the green screen at RidgeFilms

A quick update since my last post – things have moved forward a bit faster than planned (smiles)

The Maxys website has now been updated with Australian video content featuring yours truly….

The acting performance is a bit rough (smiles) but certainly good enough to quickly demonstrate our new, very cool, Australian internet video production and technology capabilities (this could very easily be you!)

Hopefully the video adds a bit more personality and character to the site (smiles) which is what we are all about “personalising the web” to enhance your internet marketing, public relations and online customer engagement.

Very interested in your feedback and comments?

Anyway, with all the technology now sorted we are READY TO SHOOT YOUR VIDEO NOW

We have limited times available this Thursday and Friday 17th and 18th July at the RidgeFilms Studio (Taren Point) for pilot/ demo/ early adopter productions (ie 1/2 price).

The two most important elements of the productions are the Scripts and Talent.

  • Scripts – about 75 words for 30 seconds.
    • If you don’t have a script writer may I suggest Fran Molloy at Ultraverse . Fran is a very savvy tech journo (freelance for the SMH and ABC) , mum of four, and a great writer. We’ve used Fran on a number of jobs in the past with great success. Email:
  • Talent – yourself or someone as your website representative.
    • Bring three outfits (the Ridge guys will provide more information on confirmed bookings).
    • We are allowing ½ hour production per 30 second script
  • Booking and pricing estimator

If you can please let me know if you want to book in a time so we can get the process started.

For more information please click here

Video encoding and software (just two lines of code for your website) can all be ready to be implemented within seven days.

Any questions please give us a call or send a note.

A checklist for building your online brand.

Information Superhighway - the Leader Reader

Information Superhighway - the Leader Reader

Online Customer Engagement – building your online brand

This article began with a check for a Technorati ping for my new blog and grew into a checklist to help others build their online brand.

  1. What is the customer need?

    Business all begins and ends with the customer or consumer – whether consumption is reading information, subscribing to a feed, creating a contanct, watching a video or purchasing a product or service

    Whether customers know they need your product or service yet is simply matter of time and three things – price, product or service.  From there it is the relationship you have with your customers that counts.
    Your goal, understand what your customer want or will need and reduce their barriers to purchasing.

  2. Online Business and marketing plan

    1. Is building a business any different than building a house? Any business needs a direction, strong foundations and a blueprint to easily communicate your design objectives to investors, clients, staff, contractors and suppliers.
    2. Your business plan should be focused around servicing a customer need. Understand everybody has different needs and wants and you can’t please everyone all the time but there are common characteristics.
      1. Segment your products and services into customer needs. Research – search the web, speak to competitors and ask questions of potential customers
      2. Identify the most rewarding target markets. Rewards come in many different shapes and sizes. What is important to you?
      3. Develop your marketing message – don’t under or over sell. Create strong value propositions.
  3. Web site design implemented incorporating SEO (Search Engine Optiminisation)

    1. Ask these questions of every page – does it Inform, Inspire, Involve, Influence?
    2. Inverted pyramid approach to web design –
      1. Broad to specific
      2. Maximum (attempt) three menu layers – use keywords as menu titles
      3. Keep It Simple – people are time poor
      4. Quality – first impression is very important
  4. Content creation incorporating SEO

    1. Writing Copy (inverted pyramid approach). Keep it simple at the top layers. Make it easy for your reader.

    2. Images (consistent style look and feel) – a picture tells a thousand words

    3. Video (short and to the point) – if a picture tells a thousand words what is a video worth?

  5. Internet marketing – blogging , online social networks and other forms of distribution etc

    1. Blogging – your voice – integrated into your customer needs and marketing plan. Strategies.

    2. Strategies – you are now a magazine producer – how are you going to get readers? (more on this later)
      1. Some technologies to begin with…

        1. Feedburner

        2. Technorati (Technorati Profile)

        3. Facebook
        4. Youtube
        5. Digg

        6. Flickr
        7. Delicious

        8. Stumble Upon

        9. Twitter
        10. Linkedin
    3. Email marketing and your CRM
    4. Internet advertising

To be contuinued…..

Customacy – the challenge for Google

One in six user online minutes is currently spent on internet social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

The old online advertising metrics of CTR (Click Through Rates) and Page Views are dated. New Internet advertising metrics such as user influence or a new term such as “customacy” ranking are required.

For businesses, where do you start?

This article will focus on how businesses can lay a foundation for developing strong, future “user influence” or “customacy” ranking and valuation.

What is Customacy?

Customacy is a combination or mashup of new online “customer engagement” advertising thinking and “technacy” (user technology literacy and influence) and in the future, could be used as a method of financially valuing portals and online businesses.

The highest customacy level, based on degrees of customer engagement, is for people who are highly technology skilled and literate; who are highly internet social (add friends, networks); who blog and create content and can influence trends and other user adoption.

A lower level, is for users who may simply tag an article or join a group.

Customacy for business – where to start?

A corporate blog.

For real newbies, what is a blog?

A blog is a bit like an online personal or business journal (see wiki).

According to Technorati, 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.. They estimated 175,000 new blogs are created a day and 1.6 million new posts per day. That is a lot of content!

Fran Molloy, a mum of four and freelance journalist for the SMH and ABC has a great presentation on the do’s and don’t s of blogging and how to be noticed.

In a nutshell

  1. Mum’s the Word – keep it professional
  2. Make it Interesting – what is your expertise?
  3. Know your Message –
    1. Can you explain what you do to a ten year old?
    2. Make a story and
    3. Become an expert.
  4. Attract Media coverage – two strategies,
    1. Wait for the media to notice you or
    2. Go to them.

A business blogging perspective – WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

From a business casino point of view, all marketing activity comes down to a Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Blogging takes time and skill. Is blogging worth the time and energy?

Expert Status – Online Branding and Internet Marketing

From a business branding and internet marketing perspective blogging is a way of personalising your site and creating you or your companies “expert status”.

  • “Expert status” – you are referred to by journalists and subscribed by readers and other websites.
  • Adding Internet social bookmarking and tagging features to your blog articles allows you to flip the sales funnel into a megaphone
  • Free, trusted, word of mouth customer advocacy IS the best form of advertising.
  • Have a well written clearly defined article structure and message increases subscription – consider outsourcing to a freelance journalist

Corporate Blogging Benefits

  • increased intimacy and influence with your customers
  • disintermediate communication layers
  • faster product development lifecycles
  • increased customacy ranking/ valuation
  • The more links and subscriptions to your blog the more you increase your web ranking in terms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optiminisation (SEO)
  • control information distribution – easily tell “your side” of the story

The result is a circular effect – the higher ranked on Google and other search engines, the higher your perceived expertise and credibility.

Beyond current online advertising metrics

Today the majority of online advertising space is bought and sold based on the number of page views and expected CTR’s (Click Through Rates). These metrics are dated.

The new advertising metrics.

The new online advertising metrics will be based what would appear common adsense measurements.

Root metrics

Duration of visit; frequency of visit; % of repeat visits; recency of visit; depth of visit; CTR; sales and lifetime value

Action metrics

RSS subscriptions; bookmarks, tags, ratings; inquires; downloads; resyndication; customer reviews; comments; testimonials.

Internet Video consideration

This is of particular importance given the increase in online video consumption which is expected to increase 25% within the next five years

The Challenge for Google

The challenge for Google, as the online advertising market leader, is how to incorporate customacy metrics into their results and advertising offerings.

This will then flow down into advertiser demand; agency sales and website valuations.