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Maxys Launch CLIVE

Maxys Launch CLIVE

Wow, now that was a week!

In all my years of business and technology I have never seen something move so fast – quite amazing – you know those rare times when everything seems to fall into place, as if someone was giving you a guided hand – like a well oiled machine.

Why is that? When you think about it – it comes from the years of experience- whether success or failure – that ability to instinctively pull things together on the fly. The lessons you’ve learnt have a cumulative effect – but more importantly it is how the pieces work together, the teamwork that makes things happen,

A quick overview of the past week

The week really began last Saturday week when we mastered the initial green screen keying process required to produce the internet video overlay.

With that process under control it online casino was time to begin letting people know.

Saturday and Monday an email was sent out to about 100 friendlies looking for test pilots for our yet unnamed internet video technology. The video shoot scheduled for Thursday

By Monday night we had three presenters booked in and two clients – Steve Carline from messages on hold company Utter Professionals and Nathan Gyanshwar from hospitality e-commerce service provider marketboomer and his new, soon to be released project, Tell More Sell More.

Tuesday morning we presented the system to our first corporates – a large publishing company. In less than ten minutes the CEO said he was sold.

Tuesday afternoon we shot the RidgeFilms clip -hints of Monty Python.

And so the week progressed. By Saturday morning we had two clients jobs completed, three Australian presenters auditioned, created a new brand in CLIVE and produced our demo for the home page.

Now time to do some business!


Ex publican, photographer, musician, entrepreneur and Head of Digital for the Cronulla Sharks.