Online Customer Engagement

Digital Media Strategy Presentation

Some facts

  • x/1000 people are now online.
  • Average time per week is
  • The facts are that 1 in 6 minutes online is now spent on social marketing sites.
  • As technology becomes more pervasive it becomes more transparent

Huge shift in media power back towards consumers

  • Advertising was push down
  • Lot of money you had above the line advertising like TV and radio
  • Local – you had the Yellow Pages and the local newspaper



My current thoughts are an Internet Marketing step by step guide.


  1. Review current situation – the helicopter view
    • Why are you in business? (serve customers)
    • Discuss the old mass manufacturing/ industrial thinking paradigm vs the information age
  2. It’s about you – back self interest every time!
    • What have you got to sell?
    • What is its unique selling point?
    • What are your strengths – you and your staff
  3. Who is your customer?
    • What are their needs and wants? Segmentation and profiling. Making your USP a customers need.
    • Trust – people by from people and brand online casino personification.
    • Where is your potential customer? (online/ regional)
  4. Customers start at Awareness – the sales funnel
    • What are your current customer contact channels
    • Advertising and marketing available options
    • Online and offline – How do your current customer hear about you? What do they think?
  5. Problems with your current situation?
    • Online vs offline marketing – eg pubs vs second life!
    • What happens when you “Google”? Keywords and SEO
  6. Proposed solution – Online marketing – building your brand
    • From website SEO to Social by Driver SolutionsThere are numerous advantages to company-sponsored CDL training over private truck driving games at school and in this article we’ll talk about them in detail. Online Marketing (SOM) – demonstration and case study
    • Online Social examples Facebook (community) ; Digg (comment); Delicious (links); Stumble Upon (share); Flickr (photos); Linkedin (corporate); Youtube (video) ; Plugger (Personalised Australian media search); Twitter (SMS IM)
    • Tie into Fran presentation – Online PR
    • RidgeFilms/ Naked Buddha/ Builders Collective case studies – web stats and sales.
    • Turning the sales funnel – Seth’s megaphone
  7. Benefits of proposed solution
    • create once – publish – syndicate many and connect –
    • dissemediate the middle men –
    • closer to your customers –
  8. Cost of proposed solution
    • Time and resources –
    • ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment)
  9. Next actions
    • Subscribe – Facebook > Digg > Delicious > StumpleUpon > Twitter
    • Integrate – switch Firefox browser (better interoperability) and instal application toolbars for Digg; Delicious;Twitter and Stumble Upon.
    • Share – add Feedburner for email marketing and multiple RSS feed management.
    • Distribute – add Feedburner links and RSS feeds back into your website.

    10. Engage in your communities and start sharing.


Ex publican, photographer, musician, entrepreneur and Head of Digital for the Cronulla Sharks.